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NEHU : Department of Bio-Technology and Bio-Informatics

    The database ‘MidCherra’ is a microbial indicator database of Cherrapunjee and how it differs from that of pristine sacred forests of adjoining areas. It consists of lists of microbes along with their characteristic features especially of fungal and bacterial isolates typical of the degraded /disturbed soils ecosystems of Cherrapunjee and the variations observed in the undisturbed sacred forests. The database is the product of a research project executed with the help of the financial support received from Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Government of India.

    The research team comprised of Dr. S.R. Joshi, Microbiology Laboratory, Dept of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics ,NEHU, Shillong as team leader and Miss Purabi Saikia as Research Fellow.